When is the Jigsaw Montessori Nursery open?

Monday to Friday, 48 weeks of the year from 8.00am to 6.00pm. We close for bank holidays, 1 week at Easter, 2 weeks at the beginning of August and between Christmas and New Year.


How many staff will there be in the room with my child and what is the staff/child ratio?

0 to 2 years - 1 staff member to every 3 children

2 to 3 years - 1 staff member to every 4 children

3 to 5 years - 1 staff member to every 8 children


How do I know my child will be safe and secure?

All our staff undergo enhanced Disclosure and Barring checks before they are allowed to be with the children. In addition, two personal references are taken up prior to starting work with Jigsaw Nursery.

All of the toys and equipment in the Nursery are of a high quality and regular risk assessments on equipment and procedures are carried out to ensure everything is maintained to the highest standard.

We carry out regular fire drills with the children, so that they become familiar with the routine and should we have an emergency, we will be able to clear the building quickly and safely.

Children must be signed in and out each day by a designated person (usually the senior staff on duty). If a child is to be collected by a different person (relative, friend etc.), staff must be notified at registration. We will not release a child to anyone unless we have confirmation from the parent that it is OK to do so along with a password.


What would happen if I'm late to collect my child?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility. We understand that parents lead hectic lives and are sometimes unavoidably delayed. If the delay does not occur regularly and every effort has been made to inform us, we do not implement fines for late collection, unless it is after 6pm.


What is Jigsaws' behavioural policy?

At Jigsaw nursery, we believe that children respond most appropriately when adults adopt a consistent and positive approach to the management of their behaviour. Through clear boundaries and consistent care, children become aware of the nursery's expectations of their behaviour and of how they treat others.


What activities will the children be doing at the nursery?

Children are offered a mixture of different activities throughout the day, which include creative play, activities to help with numeracy and literacy, construction and problem-solving, story time, dance and movement, rest and relaxation. There will also be plenty of opportunity for free play to allow children to be inventive and use their imagination. Planning is done for each individual child and is recorded through the My Montessori Child system. Children are observed and assessed against the nationally recognised Early Years Foundation Stage for 0 to 5 years.


What will the children be given to eat and drink?

Breakfast, lunch, high tea and snacks, will be offered to the children daily (depending on what time they are attending the nursery). We are particularly keen to offer the children a varied and healthy diet made where possible from organic, fresh produce. Morning and afternoon snacks are included in the fees. Lunch is charged at £2.45 per meal and tea £2.30


If I have a complaint, what should I do?

We always want to hear if you or your child are unhappy with any aspect of the care that we provide. Please raise any concerns you have with the nursery manager Belinda who will endeavour to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction wherever possible. Should you still be unhappy, you can take your complaint further by contacting OFSTED directly. The Nursery Manager will be happy to give you their contact details.

If you have a query which has not been addressed on this page, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff at the nursery who will be more than happy to help.