Nutritious Meals Served Daily at Jigsaw Montessori Nursery, Petersfield

Children at Jigsaw Montessori Nursery enjoy a wide variety of tasty, cooked meals and healthy snacks. 

We have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack breaks each day where children have a choice of healthy fruit and vegetable snacks. Breakfast is available for those children who arrive before 8.40 am.

Lunch is served at 12 noon and tea at 4:15pm each day. Water is available to children at all times. It's our aim to introduce children to a wide selection of meals and cuisines whilst encouraging them to make healthy choices. 

Meals are prepared and served by Belinda herself. Our meals are designed to fuel busy days of learning, play and discovery! 

We will be happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements your child may have. If you have any enquiries about the food available at our nursery, please do not hesitate to get in touch or speak to a member of staff.